Monday, April 11, 2011

This blog is called "Rachel's Quilts", right?

I have barely touched the sewing machine this past week. My hands have been busy with yarn. I finally finished the second sock of this pair. I love them. I've already worn them twice and since they are in the washer right now, I guess I get to wear them tomorrow too.

Close-up of the beautiful sock. My husband doesn't like the little holes. Oh well. It was nice to do a pattern instead of a basic sock, but it takes longer and you really have to pay attention. Have already cast on my next pair which are for my sister-in-law. Going to be basic socks since her birthday is next month. 

I knew I couldn't stop at one circle pillow - especially when my son kept stealing it. So, I offered to make him one. He didn't want any yellow yarn used or buttons in the middle.

And yes, I made a third one. This one is for one of my niece's birthdays in June. I changed the design a little bit. I didn't really like the look of the decrease side so I made 2 "front" sides, single crocheted them together and added the ruffle edge. My kids picked a purple button for one side and a blue one for the other, but other than that the sides are the same.

Hopefully I will do more sewing this week since I only turned on the sewing machine last week to make the pillow forms for the above pillows. Maybe I need to consider changing the name of my blog to include my love of yarn and fabric. Any ideas?

And it's that time again... time for another Friday Night Sew-In. It's this Friday. So go sign up and join in on the fun.


  1. I love the socks... and the yarn! Fabulous!

    PS - My birthday is in August... *hint hint*

  2. Love the colour and design of those socks!
    I just might join in the Friday night sew in - my churn dash needs some undivided attention:)


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