Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Secret Project is Complete!

I literally just finished the last stitch. I turned off my machine and went outside to take pictures. I still need to wash it and then do some better photos. Excuse any threads you may see.

I ended up doing all straight quilting. I was going to do stippling on all the white but changed my mind. I'm glad I did.

The back. I was just a little short and had to add a bit.

Love how it looks on the back too. 

So, what's the big secret about this quilt? After I wash it and take some decent photos tomorrow, I am entering the quilt in this. I'm a little nervous but excited. Voting starts next week. I am going to make a button for my sidebar so voting will be easier (especially for you, mom). Phew, that was a hard secret to keep but I love this quilt and I hope some other people will too.


  1. Oh, how exciting! Can't wait to get a chance to vote for your gorgeous quilt!

  2. i really like the yellow! we will be voting for you :)

  3. You go girl! I'll put a button on my blog too;)
    You definitely have my vote!

  4. Cathy and GpF like this quilt, too! Waiting to vote...


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