Thursday, April 21, 2011

No TV Week Progress

Monday evening I made some progress on my secret project (the secret is what it is for, not who, so I can show pictures). Discovered that I had made 120 hst's, 2 inches too small. I was a little pissed since most of my fabric is limited (1 yard of the hand-dyed yellow and 2 yards each of the purple and green - and I don't think I can get anymore). So, my design had to change. I could have made my original design with a few minor adjustments, but as I made the blocks I didn't like the layout and decided to play around a bit. This is what I came up with. Just need to make 3 more blocks and add borders. The 120 hst's I made last week aren't going to go to waste though, they are going to become one of the borders.

Hopefully by this weekend, or early next week, I will be able to reveal why I am making this quilt. The finished size will be 56 inches square.

1 comment:

  1. Love it so far, sis! Now you have me REALLY curious:)


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