Tuesday, April 26, 2011

March UFO Finally Done!

It's still March, right? Oh well, I fell behind on this one, but here it is finally finished. I got the hanging sleeve sewn down yesterday afternoon.

Definitely not perfect, but I like it. I don't usually wash wall hangings but I might wash this one since it is so heavily quilted - everything is quilted except the windows and doors. 

Some of the fabrics on the back. Since I knew this quilt was going to be for me, I tried to use up some scraps on the back. There's at least 7 fabrics in the photo above.

Its new home... for now. It's a little long for behind out bed but we are moving at the end of May (to be closer to school) and there's a big wall in the living room that is perfect for this quilt. This will be our 6th home in 10 years, so the houses quilt seems appropriate. 

Go here to see all the other completed March UFO's. I know my April UFO won't be done in time but I got 3 more fabrics ironed and cut yesterday so hopefully by mid May it will be finished. On Sunday, Judy picks the number for May - I'm not sure which number I'm hoping for.

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