Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I was a little busy yesterday

 I found my quilting mojo last night. I had cut all the pieces for "Glow Happy"over a week ago, (find pattern here), last night I finally got around to piecing most of it together.

Lantern blocks waiting to be pieced into rows.

I'm sure many of you might already do this, but to save myself a step down the road, before I trimmed off the corners of the main lantern blocks and the border pieces, I stitched a second line. Cut apart between the lines and  have a hst ready to go.

Here are my 48 blocks from the borders (bigger ones) and 100 from the lantern blocks. What am I going to do with them? Not sure yet... maybe my sister would like something?

My son enjoyed playing with them while I ironed the blocks this morning.

He spread them out and discarded the pink ones.

Final block. 

He even made a sketch to remember what the block is suppose to look like.

And 45 minutes after all the above pictures were taken...

... quilt top is pieced. A little bit of applique still needs to be done to complete the lanterns but I love this quilt! I will iron it before I quilt it (maybe for Friday Night sew-In this Friday?). I have 2 other quilts that need to be done first -including my house quilt from March's UFO challenge, so I guess I have some more work to do.

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