Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilt Show and My Monday Morning

This weekend, the local quilt guild had their annual quilt show (I'm a member but I've only been to one meeting and didn't submit a quilt . The kids and I walked down Sunday morning to take a look. The quilts were amazing but I didn't get too many pics since I also had to keep an eye on my son who was hopping around and touching the skinny beams that were holding the quilts up. Luckily we were each given a sheet to vote for our favourite large quilt, medium  quilt, small quilt and other. This kept my son a little busy, as he kept changing his mind and crossing out the numbers.

My son picked this quilt for his favourite large quilt. It is beautiful. (I didn't use flash on any of these pics but this one turned out pretty good). He wanted to sit by it and try to draw the whale on the back of his ballot. I took a picture instead.

One of a handful of antique quilts that were on display.


My son liked these circle quilts and asked me to take pictures of them.

My daughter's favourite large quilt.

This was right when you came in and after looking at all the quilts, I still really liked it so I voted for this one. My son wasn't very happy to pose for the picture. Oh well, at least he wasn't hopping.

What's a quilt show without vendors? I restrained myself to a few charm packs. I got 2 origins since they were a good price. I wasn't going to get the Central Park one but my daughter begged (just a little) so I bought it too.

Each kid got to pick a bag of buttons ($1 a bag) and I ended up getting 4 new pens. You write on fabric, iron over it and the ink disappears (I was thinking this would be great for embroidery). One might end up with my sister.

Today is the beginning of No TV week - in celebration of Earth Day - so I am hoping to get a lot of projects done. Or at least a lot of progress. I was able to pick up the 3 yards of white I needed for my secret project. Ironed and cut it this morning and sewed some yellow and white strips together. Hope to get these cut and pieced into blocks tonight.

Isn't the yellow lovely? It's hand-dyed and was given to me by a fellow Ann Arbor quilt guild member a couple years ago to thank me for being their librarian for 3 years. I've been waiting for just the right project and I think this is it.

I also ironed and cut the first 3 (of 14) fabrics for the Lantern Bloom quilt. I figure I will work on this in stages as I have so many other projects on the go right now. I was able to get 6 blocks pieced. Hope to iron and cut a few fabrics each day.

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