Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Progress!

Finished the top on Thursday night. Lighting inside is terrible.

So, I took it outside and hung it on the line for a couple pictures.

I admit, I really love this quilt. The yellow fabric pops and I ended up using the hst's that I first made that were too small for the final border. Love it!

One problem... I need to quilt it and all my pins are in the Houses quilt and Glow Happy. I figure I had 3 choices. 1) wait and buy more pins. 2) take the pins out of the Houses quilt, use them and then put them back in the houses quilt (a lot of work) or 3) just finish quilting the Houses quilt!

I'm working on option 3. Got 3 houses quilted the other night. Took about an hour so I hope to finish it this weekend. Above is house #3.

House #6. It lined up everywhere except the bottom right of the door. Oops!

House #9.

I also ironed and cut 3 more fabrics for the Lantern Bloom quilt and made 4 more blocks (on the left) and parts of another block.

The last few weeks we have been pet-sitting a gecko. She went home last night. I made her this little friend - a ballerina gecko to keep her company. I might have to make some more of these for the shop.

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