Thursday, May 7, 2015

What I Read in April

A week late in posting this, but here's what I read last month.

I read this in early April and should have written down my thoughts on it then. I requested this book because it was on a list of 100 Canadian books to read. But I don't think I liked it. Something I've noticed in several novels lately is author's not putting quotes around speech. Sometimes this works because the author writes so well that you can tell when someone is talking without the quotation marks. Toews did no quotes in this book but I don't think she did it well. I often went back to reread paragraphs when I realized someone was actually speaking. The book wasn't necessarily bad. The inside jacket talked about a surprise twist near the end and it just wasn't that surprising. When I was done reading I had to figure out what the twist was because none of what happened seemed surprising. I think this disappointment led to my not liking the book as my head was filled with different ways this book could have ended that would have been more surprising. If I hadn't been expecting a better ending I would have liked this novel more.

My daughter and I read this for our first mother-daughter book club. We're the only members and you can read more about our thoughts here. I still like the book and am happy that I finally read it. 

I went on a little Judy Blume bender in April. I read 2 of her adult novels... and they are definitely adult. I enjoyed "Summer Sisters" the most and enjoyed the little twists along the way. I liked the ending and would recommend it. I think I read it in a day - I was craving a slightly trashy paperback. This would be a great book to read on vacation. Or when you want to read a good novel but not one that makes you think to much.

The second of Judy's adult novels that I read in April. I was less impressed with this one and didn't really like the first half. I believe this is her first adult novel and sometimes it feels like she's trying too hard, wanting to put in all the stuff she can't in a YA novel. I liked the ending and am willing to read her other adult novels. I'm not sure if I'd recommend this one. Lots of sexual situations so if that makes you uncomfortable you might want to avoid this one.

Fun, light read for a busy week. I love the show and the comics are just as enjoyable. This is a collection of several issues. Recommend if you like the show. Rating says it's for teens and older but my 9 and 12 year old read it and don't seem any worse off.

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