Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On the Needles - A Few WIP's

  I have a few things on the needles. When I pulled out projects to take pictures for this post I realized that they were all for me. Oops. Once these are done, I'll be starting Christmas sweaters so there will be less selfish knitting.

For Shannon's Tops, Tanks and Tees KAL (#TTTKAL on twitter and instagram if you're on those), I finally cast on Low Tide. I have loved this cardigan since I saw it. But once I actually started it, I began to doubt if I was using the right colour of yarn or if I should be making the pattern at all. All that doubt means I have made very little progress. I finished the right front bodice this morning, just so I had something to show here. The beginning of the pattern is a little finicky. I still need to make the left front bodice, than a piece for the back. Then they all 3 need to be blocked before I join them and knit the rest of the cardigan. I think making all the pieces is kind of slowing me down - kind of like sleeves. I'm hoping with one done I'll be motivated to finish the other two. 

This is the Earth mystery shawl by Erica at Fiddle Knits. The last clue came out a couple weeks ago so I shouldn't be spoiling it for anyone by posting a picture. I love Erica's designs but she does a lot of cables, which is a lot of work, so I waited until all the clues were out and I saw some finished shawls before I cast on. I finished the first clue Monday night and am 30 rows into the second. The third clue is my favourite and is the reason I decided to cast on. 

The shawl is knit sideways with "live" stitches for the border on the needles. I know most knitters know what I'm taking about and I could explain it here for you, mom, but it's similar to this shawl that I did earlier this year. Just know I am only knitting a small amount of those stitches every row.

And I totally forgot that I had started the Sierra scarf until I was looking at my WIP's while organizing. I admit I frogged 3 projects 2 weeks ago and it didn't hurt a bit. This one, I didn't frog. I put it back into rotation though and did 22 rows last night and another 22 rows today. The stripes are okay, right?  They don't look that defined in real life. 

So, what's on your needles? And why are there no socks in this post? I must get some on the needles quick.

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