Thursday, May 28, 2015

Knitted Works in Progress

I've made a little progress this week. Knitting hasn't been my focus, so I'm not as far on these as I would like.

I spent one day mainly working on my Low Tide cardigan and was able to finish the left front piece and started the back. Hopefully by next Thursday all three pieces will be finished and blocked.

I was able to get 20 more rows of the Earth shawl knit this week. This is what I usually knit in the evenings after Floyd has gone to bed but I've been doing other things instead this week - such as editing - so progress on the shawl has really slowed.

And I started another hat for charity because I needed something I could pick up and knit whenever that didn't require a pattern. This is fingering weight yarn and is taking longer to knit than the other hats that were knit with worsted weight. There are 120 stitches. The other hats I've knit were between 80 and 96 stitches. It takes several rows before I feel like I've done anything on it but I'm almost ready to start decreasing for the top.

What have you worked on this week? I can start my Camp Loopy project on Monday, so there should be a new WIP next week. 

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