Monday, May 4, 2015

1 scarf = 3 hats and 1 headband

     I'm back from reorganizing my work area; which is how I'm trying to think of the space, instead of  just a place to store all my stuff. Right now I am actually sitting at my desk with room to spare. Notes about my novel on one side. Family paperwork on the other. It feels great to have a useable space. Not sure how long I can keep it this way but I'm going to try hard and remember how much I enjoy being able to spread out when editing/writing. 

     When I was wasn't organizing and purging last week, I started knitting some hats. Jen of Knitting Like Crazyhosted a KAL/CAL last year to make hats for Halos of Hope to celebrate her dad being cancer free. Unfortunately, he passed away last week and I felt an urge to do something. Jen mentioned that she was going to do the KAL/CAL again so I started making hats for the charity. 

     When I was going through winter stuff, throwing away gloves that had lost their mate over the winter and setting aside hats that kids had outgrown last week, I came across a scarf I had made myself at the beginning of 2012. I liked the yarn and have a matching hat which I wore frequently this past winter. However, the scarf was a little too long and always peeked out the bottom of the coat. I thought of frogging it and redoing it but instead I decided to frog it and make hats for Halos of Hope. 

Here's the first one finished last Friday.

Second one finished on Saturday.

Third one finished on Sunday. 
As soon as I finished one, I'd start the next. I used this free pattern. The first one I cast on 96 stitches but it felt big so I only cast on 80 for the second and third hats. I still had some yarn leftover so...

... I made myself a headband. I used to own some but don't anymore and several times this winter I had wished I had something to cover just my ears. I've noticed that my ears have become very sensitive to the wind and just the short walk taking my son to school can make my ears feel like I have an infection for the rest of the day, if they aren't covered. Not sure if this is from having a really bad case of swimmer's ear when I was a teenager but I knew I needed to find a solution before next winter arrives. Problem solved. I cast on 80 stitches using size 6 needles and knit 2, purl 2 until I was almost out of yarn. It's perfect. I might make myself some more headbands as a great way to use up leftover yarn, if there isn't enough for a hat.

And this morning I started my fourth hat using the leftover yarn from the cardigan I made my nephew a few years ago. I have more yarn set aside for hats and am going to try and finish 10 hats to donate.

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