Tuesday, April 28, 2015

See you next week!

When the cleaning/ purging/ organizing bug hits, you must embrace it and let it take over your life. It started at the end of last week and included my husband donating a carload of stuff Sunday afternoon.     I thought it had passed but after getting rid of a desk that only held stuff and wasn't really being used, I was left with all that stuff to put ...somewhere. My big table, and now my only work surface, is covered in books, yarn, patterns, lots of loose paper and all the other bits a desk drawer holds. We are happy about the extra space but it's going to take me all week to dig my way out of the clutter. 

There is a table under there, somewhere. I pulled things out from under the table to reorganize everything.

The quilt is still under the needle of the sewing machine but it's covered in stuff. The two empty bins are from my daughter's room. She also got in the purging mood this weekend.

I took this picture earlier this afternoon and it already looks better than this. But this should keep me busy for the rest of the week so I won't be blogging. I'm not doing much crafting anyway. I might pop in with a what I read this month post later this week or it might wait until next week. 
Have you been bitten by the Spring cleaning bug this year? Or perhaps this is just a case of severe procrastination.

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