Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Little Bit of This and That

It's been a long week here. Made even longer with my husband out of town and the older kids home for Spring break. I haven't done a lot of anything but little bits of a bunch of different stuff for the past week or so. Here's some of what I've been up to.

My friend and I finished a series of yoga classes at the end of February. The last class was a restoration class full of relaxing poses. One of the props we used were called Hand Hearts (I think, I can't find them on the internet). They sit in the palm of your hand and neither of us thought they'd make a big difference but we both really enjoyed using them. I set about making us each a pair after that. Above is the pair I gave to my friend almost a month ago. They are filled with rice and can be put in the microwave and heated to be used as hand warmers if needed.

Mine have been waiting to be finished, just needed the rice and to be sewn shut for weeks. Finally finished them today. I look forward to using them the next time I get a chance to do yoga - did I mention all three kids are here, all day, this week and it's supposed to rain everyday? My hearts aren't perfect but they get the job done.

I also bought some yarn. This will be Floyd's Christmas sweater and I think I will be doing this pattern. I had leftover credit at the Loopy Ewe from last year that I had to spend by the end of April or I'd lose it. The yarn cost me less than $10 (including shipping). I used the same yarn (different colour) for Floyd's Owlet sweater and I like how it's held up.

I actually got some writing done some time last week. I have no idea what day this was but the weather was beautiful. Floyd was napping so I was stuck inside but at least I got to look at it.

This weekend, my older son was looking at a knitting book I have out from the library and expressed interest in learning how to knit. He did pretty good...

... until I turned on the tv and even though he had no interest in the program (hockey game) he couldn't help but watch and messed up and it ended up in tears. (I didn't even yell or get frustrated with him.) I hope he'll try again since he picked it up pretty quickly. Next time, no tv.

And I finally have my Made in Cherry quilt under the needle. This is going to be a beast to quilt. Trying to stay positive and do it in chunks. And when I'm in a good mood. 

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