Thursday, February 26, 2015

Finished Pair of Socks #3

It feels like I've posted a finished pair of socks almost every week. Makes me feel good and ahead of my plan to make 12 pairs this year. This is the only pair I'll do this year where I already had the first sock done and just needed to make the second. I'm pretty good about casting the second one right away. The socks look different sizes but they aren't really. I used this yarn to make my third or fourth pair of socks ever, but they didn't stay up very well, so I frogged them. I used the leftover yarn that hadn't been knit for the first sock and the second sock uses the frogged yarn which had been washed and was very kinky. 

Not knowing how much yarn I'd be able to selvedge from the old socks, I decided to make these anklet socks. I have a bit of useable yarn leftover but not enough to have made these a lot longer. These will be great during the summer when I want something on my feet but slippers are too hot.

I have some more leftover yarn to turn into socks that may end up being anklets too. Or I'll just combine a bunch of leftovers to get longer socks.

And pair #4? I finished the first sock yesterday and started the second. They're a birthday present for my mom. When they're finished I'll be starting pair #5, which will be for me. I must admit I'm starting to notice a difference in the stash with all this sock knitting. But I've also realized I probably don't have enough yarn for 12 pairs. I think I can fix that. 

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