Sunday, February 1, 2015

Around the Web with a Cup of Tea

Have two weeks worth of links saved up. I'll try to be selective. I know you don't have a ton of time mom. 

I see a solids quilt in my future. I really want to make one.
Some great ideas for using up fabric scraps

This might be the best knitting post I've read this year. Or ever.

I haven't read any of these. Have you?
An interview with author, Celeste Ng. I read her book last year and enjoyed it.
All 3 of my kids were born with the help of midwives so I have a soft spot for novels about them. Here is a two part interview with two authors who wrote novels about midwives. Part 1 here. Part 2 is here.
A sad day for the literary world. I think "Thornbirds" was the first grown-up mini-series I watched.

Who knew writing could make you happy?
An artist friend recently opened an easy shop. We have 2 original paintings hanging in our house and love them.
I think I might do this in March.

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