Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I've Been Up to This Week

First, I finished a sock. Just a simple, straight forward sock.

I love the orange toe.

The yarn is really soft. Love the gusset.

Second one is cast on and the cuff is almost done. What do you think sis? Do you like them?

I've also been working on this cardigan for my husband. He picked the yarn and the pattern. I only have another inch or so before I start decreasing for the armholes. 

All those jelly roll strips I showed you earlier this week, have  been sewn together in 3 different sets. But don't they look really well together? I thought so too, so I...

... cut them into strips...

...then sewed the strips together...

... then sewed the long strips together into...

... a jelly roll bargello. I've added the rest of the strips since then. It is 29 x 80 inches. I think I need another jelly roll to complete it. However, I did take pictures along the way and once I add the second jelly roll, I'll put a tutorial together for how to make a jelly roll bargello. So, I guess I need to break my no buying fabric until Mother's Day to finish this project. Oh well. I made it 10 weeks without buying any and I'm really proud of that.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the socks! They're for me?!?!
    My computer DIED so I am working off hubby's laptop. Hope to be back up and running in a few more days.
    I will link to your tutorial when it's done. A very happy spring quilt!


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