Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Finishes and a Few Starts

Vintage Wall hanging - finished. I finished this last Wednesday but didn't get it posted. Hope to get it in the shop by the end of the week.

Boy quilt -finished. I finished this last Monday after I was done the Bow-tie garden (see previous post). It's now been washed and is ready for the shop.

Some yarn finishes. 3 washcloths (gifts to be revealed later) and a scarf - another gift for a work friend of my husband's.

This scarf is crocheted and worked up very quickly.I wanted to link to the pattern, but I can't seem to find the link ( I only have the pdf file).  It is called the Ashleigh Scarf and I have tried Ravelry and Google with no luck. If I find it, I'll post a link to the pattern.

Slightly open pattern, so it could be worn on cool days in Spring and Autumn. I might have to make this scarf again.

And now some starts. I'm sure most of you have seen the tutorial going around for an easy way to make Half-Square Triangle blocks. You can find it here,  and here . I bought this charm back of Me andMy Sisters Favorites from Green FairyQuilts on Cyber Monday and was wondering what to do with it. I decided to try making some hst and do a pinwheel quilt.

However, if you move the blocks around a little bit - you get a different block. So, some became pinwheels and the rest became the other block. It is such a happy looking quilt.

The other block. Does anyone know the name of this block? For now, the quilt is called - To Pinwheel or Not to Pinwheel (since that is the question I asked myself 21 times).

Bonus block for the back. Perfect for labeling. I used 4 strips from the matching jelly roll for the border.

Here are some of the remaining jelly roll strips. I have an idea for these.

And for these ones too.

Oh, and I might be doing something with these ones. If I'm lucky, I might have a finish and tutorial for you by the end of the week.

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