Monday, March 28, 2011

One Thing, One Week Challenge...

 ... is complete! I really didn't think I would get this finished in time. I had the quilt basted and ready to be quilted last Monday, but I didn't start quilting it til yesterday. I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do and even when I sat down to quilt it yesterday afternoon I changed my mind again. I was going to stipple in all the white squares and outline the "blocks".

 However, I've been seeing a lot quilts around blogland being quilted with straight lines and no free-motion and thought this is what this quilt needed. I began with making the "x's" through the blocks - still planning to stipple the white squares.

 But I changed my mind again and did straight line quilting on the white squares too. I love how it turned    out. The binding is a vintage blue fabric that I love and have been holding onto.

 I didn't add any of the borders that were in the original pattern, so the quilt measures 56 x 60. This is a gift for my grandmother.

 I used some favourite fabrics for the pieced back.

Thanks Amy for the challenge. Go see how everyone else did with their challenge.


  1. it's beautiful, Rachel. i'll have to make one of those one day...

  2. I love the quilting and think it was the perfect choice! Congrats on meeting your goal!

  3. I do like straight-line quilting and it was the perfect choice for this quilt. Your grandmother will love it, I'm sure!

  4. I like the quilting a lot! I love the fabric too. congrats on the finish and if you`ve got any scraps. . .wink wink!

  5. I like the way you quilted it, it is perfect for the design. I love the fabrics you've used in it too.

  6. That's lovely! The straight line quilting really emphasises the block shape. I'm sure your grandmother will be thrilled when you give it to her! :- )


  7. Really like your choice of colors and you were right to use the blue for the binding. It sharpens the edge and stands out just the right amount.

  8. I really like the straight line quilting in this one!


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