Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What I read in February

     I barely read at all in February. I'm not really sure why I didn't read much but I guess I got distracted knitting my Thermal Tunic. And the kids were off school for a week. I've also spent a lot of the time I usually read watching a lecture series I borrowed from the library. It's 24 hours long and I just finished it on Friday. I'll include it in my What I Read in March list. 
Here are the few things I read last month.

Jack of Fables: The End
This was the last in the Fables spin-off that focused on Jack. Funny ending (in Canada, no less). I had been reading one graphic novel a week but this was the only one I read in February. 

Sentences and Rain by Elaine Equi
I'm thrilled that I borrowed this from the library. I really enjoyed reading the poems over several days and hope to read more of her poetry in the future. Including a couple lines from a poem that I really liked.

From the poem "Slight"

"No one ever says:
'You make me slightly happy.'

Although this, in fact,
is often the case."

My sad looking February bookmark with only 2 dates circled. Hoping to read more in March (I've already finished reading 2 novels). I looked to see what I read last February and was happy to see I only read 2 books last February, too. Maybe it's a February thing.

Have you read anything good lately?

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