Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Knitting and Cutting Up Fabric Scraps

     I've got several projects on the go this week. I even let myself start a new one because I couldn't resist any longer and discovered an old WIP that I had forgotten about.

     My daughter took this picture of my Beacon Hill cardigan Friday morning. I was deciding whether I wanted to add another pattern repeat before doing the ribbing. I decided not to do an extra repeat.

      I was able to finish the ribbing on the weekend and started the first sleeve. The sleeve has been slow going, as sleeves usually are. I need to start forcing myself to do a pattern repeat or two each day for it to get done. 

      But this sock yarn kept staring at me and I couldn't say no any longer. Sunday, I cast on a pair of socks. This picture is from Monday morning.

And this is it now. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep these or give them away. 

      And I've been busy cutting scraps. My box of scraps is getting lighter. In the picture above there are pieces for some scrappy bento box blocks on the right. In the top baggie, in the middle, are 2.5 inch strips for feathers. At the bottom of the picture are some wedges I totally forgot I started cutting when we lived in Idaho several years ago. I'm not sure how big of a quilt I am hoping to make with them so I just keep cutting. In all, I am cutting my scraps for 7 different quilts. Yikes! I'm going to need more batting and yardage for some backs.

     And my drawers of 2 and 3 inch squares are filling back up. As is my drawer of 1.5 inch strips. It might be time to sew some together soon. 

What have you been working on this week?

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