Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WIP Wednesday - the Scrappy Edition

     I've been going through my scraps and using them up in several projects. Here are some of the quilty projects I've been working on this week.

I made another 9 Scrappy Bento Box blocks and now have enough for a top. It will be just a lap quilt but the perfect size for sitting under with a child and reading a book or watching a holiday movie. You can see the first 8 I made in Monday's post.

Then I took out all the 2 inch squares I had cut from my scraps and starting sewing pairs together.

That's a lot of pairs.

Then they became four patches. Then the four patches were sewn together.

Sewed the groups of 8 together into 4 x 4 blocks. Now I have a big stack of blocks that are enough to make 2 more rows of the charity quilt I've been working on. I've decided to add some fabric strips in-between the scrappy sections to help me get the quilt done quicker. I posted the first two rows of this quilt last month, here.

After all of that I decided to pull out all the 1.5 inch strips I'd been keeping and using the tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts, I sewed them together in one long strip.

You'd think that's a lot...

... but once I started crocheting with it, I didn't get very far. I think that's a size Q hook. I started out making a mat but couldn't figure out where we'd put it. So I frogged it and started over, making a plain basket instead. Got the bottom done and started the first round of the side before I ran out of fabric yarn. 

Fits perfectly in the empty drawer waiting for me to cut more scraps.

And Floyd needed a little something to go with his tea set. Tea bags! Of course he picked multiple colours - green, blue, yellow, red and purple. And to keep with the scrappy theme, all were cut from my felt scraps.

And multiple bags fit in each cup. 

I traced a real tea bag for the template. I sewed up the side to the pointed top and then down the other side. I put a little batting in and then folded over the bottom and sewed it close. I then folded over the point at the top and sewed it down. The knot for the string is hiding in the top fold. He is very happy with them and loves making us tea.

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