Monday, March 21, 2016

It was a Scrappy Quilt kind of Weekend

      Another late post as life got busy today. Floyd, our toddler, had a rare nap so I took advantage of that time to do some ironing, quilting and basting this afternoon. Every child free minute is precious. Here's what I was able to do this weekend. It was full of scraps.

     I cut and pieced the final row for a charity quilt. The small squares are 2 inches (cut). The white strips between rows is 3.5 inches (cut).

     All the rows together. It's a few inches shy of the 80 inches the charity likes for length, so I've decided to put a row of blocks at the top and bottom before quilting. I started that today. I did finish piecing the back today and I already have the batting, so this one will be ready to be quilted soon.

     I also cut enough 3 inch squares to piece the last 5 rows needed for this charity quilt. I really love this one and have continued to cut and sew squares this size. Perhaps a quilt for us to keep or another one for charity. I haven't decided yet. I pieced the back for this quilt this afternoon and basted it. Should be under the needle tomorrow.

     I also cut pieces to make some scrappy Bento Box blocks. I am thinking of making two 48 x 60 quilts for a children's charity.

     Scrap strips that are roughly 2.5 inches wide to make some feather blocks. I've loved this pattern for a while. Time to work on it.

     And some 4.5 inch blocks. Not sure if these will become yo-yo's or patchwork charity quilt. I only added about 20 squares to the pile this weekend but I need to decide soon what it will become.

And here is the picture I showed of my box of scraps on Friday.

     And here it is today. I didn't press it down, I've just done a LOT of cutting. I have a bit more to cut before I have enough for 40 scrappy bento box blocks. Then I might take a break and do some piecing.

What did you do this weekend?

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