Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Finish - Thermal Tunic

     I did it! Yesterday, I finished knitting my Thermal Tunic, wove in ends and since my daughter was home due to a snow day, we went outside and took some pictures. I am very, very happy with this sweater and so glad I finally knit it. 
     I couldn't help but smile a bit for the pictures. I think this is the best fitting sweater I've ever knit. I haven't blocked it yet. My only area of concern is the right armpit, which you can see in the picture above, has a bit of a bump. Doesn't feel funny, just looks a little weird. 

     Back. Since it is a tunic, I think it was meant to be longer but I'm happy with the length.
Hat is Forest Walk by Jen Lucas.

     Took another picture inside without the snow reflection in my glasses. If you go back to last Friday's post you'll see the difference in our amount of snow. 

     Another texture picture because I love it. I'm even thinking of making another Thermal Tunic as a gift.

     I have one and a half skeins leftover. I'm thinking hats. Perhaps one for myself and one for charity.

     And this morning I wound the yarn for my next big project. The blue yarn is Cascade, Venezia Worsted and is 30% silk, feels lovely and will become a cardigan. The variegated yarn, which my mom gifted to me for Christmas 2014, will become a cowl.

     Next big project - Beacon Hill cardigan by Jane Richmond. I did a swatch last night and I should be casting on some time this weekend. 

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