Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Progress

I had a nice, productive weekend. Last week we eliminated naps for Floyd, our 2 1/2 year old. When he naps, he stays up until 10:30 or even midnight and that just wasn't working for us anymore. No naps has really eaten into what I can do during the day but has given me more time in the evening since he now goes to bed around 8. With everyone home for the weekend, there were more people to keep him busy and I was able to get lots done.
Saturday was so nice I was able to sit outside, alone, for almost 40 minutes. I started crocheting a red scarf for charity and enjoyed a tea. I could have stayed out longer but other people needed lunch.

Made great progress on my Thermal Tunic. Finished the first sleeve and attached it to the body of the sweater Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon I started the second sleeve. I think the sweater will be done by the end of the month.

And it might be hard to tell but I knit another 20 rows of the Potter's shawl when I needed a break from knitting sleeves.

I also rearranged my ravelry queue, based on what projects I have yarn for, instead of the projects I want to do next and would have to buy yarn for. I have enough yarn to do the first 23 things in my queue. If I finish all those, my stash will be small again. And those queued projects don't include all the yarn I have to make plain knitted socks for myself. Rearranging the queue does have me excited to use up my stash but it also has me wanting to cast on all 23 projects. 

And here is all the sock yarn I received or gifted to myself during the holidays. Perhaps I'll be casting on some socks this week.

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