Wednesday, February 24, 2016

One WIP for Wednesday

I only have one WIP to share today because I've only been working on one all week.

     And that is my lovely Thermal Tunic. I'm trying to keep my hopes low for the finished sweater. I've loved every sweater I've knit (while knitting) but there is always something about them that I wished I had done differently. Either longer sleeves, longer body, different yarn. I'm sure every knitter has that problem. I really want this sweater to fit just right and enjoy it for years. I'm a little nervous about the sleeve length. And what will happen to the yarn after blocking. It's suppose to be machine washable but I am concerned about pilling.

     I have 26 rows to knit until I bind off and then do the collar. I've stayed up late the past two nights working on it and hope to finish it tomorrow but it's a possible snow day so the kids might have other plans.

     Close-up picture. Every couple rows, I smooth the sweater out on my lap and run my hands across it. I love the texture. I also hold it up to myself and hope it will fit. I'll soon find out. 

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