Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yarn Overload

I had a different post planned for today but after I went looking for a project bag for the Mystery KAL that starts tomorrow, I discovered that most of my bags were full with WIP's and yarn set aside for intended projects. It took me almost 2 hours but I got things reorganized, a bag found and a rough list of what needs to get knit by Christmas complete. All with a toddler around who didn't like it when I put a ball of yarn in his chair. It was quickly thrown to the ground when he found it.
Here is my mess of project pages. All with stuff in them. There are even projects sitting on top that don't have project bags. I've just been keeping them on my desk as I work on them. I took everything out, got down my baskets of yarn and moved things around until I could make sense of everything.

For similar projects I decided to keep them in one bag. Above is yarn set aside for four different shawls/ cowls for me. These are not priority projects and I can't start another one. Once I finish the Savanna shawl I can't touch this bag until all the holiday knitting is done. I put it back first so I will be forced to deal with more important knitting. I'm hoping that this bag will be the only project bag I take with me for the holidays.

Sweater projects. On the left is Dundurn - did I mention that I finished the right front and blocked it? Yeah, I'm pretty excited about that, too. On the left is the Sun Rose sweater for myself. All it needs is sleeves. I will cast those on when I need some selfish knitting during all the holiday knitting. It would be great to wear this sweater before the end of the year.

Yarn for a Flax for my older son. Pattern printed. Time to get started. I'd also like to make him a hat and he's requested a scarf. I need yarn for both of those.

Yarn for the Little Guy. Green on the left is for his Owlet sweater. Green on the right is for a vest. This week I put a vest on him for the first time to have his picture taken and he was adorable. He needs more and I will make at least one for him. The yellow and orange yarn at the bottom is to make him a duck. All these projects are kept in the big orange bag, but the vest and duck yarn are in smaller bags to help keep things organized.

I plan on making a hat for each of my kids as a gift for one of the days in the Advent Quilt I'm making them (more on that tomorrow). Yarn for the Little Guy's hat is at the top and yarn for my daughters is on the bottom. I am using leftover yarn from the Brick sweater I made my daughter for her hat.

Aberdeen scarf for my daughter. I started a tortoise for the Little Guy months ago but never finished it. I could probably finish it in an evening if I just focused. These two projects are kept in a bag with the hat yarn in the previous picture. All small projects I need to complete soon.

Basket of yarn I planned on making hand towels/ washcloths for family this year. Need to get started on these or do something else. Maybe everyone would like a box of chocolates instead? 

Yarn to make the little girls/ dolls as part of the gifts for my nieces. And some brown yarn for a surprise gift for someone special. Or another vest for the Little Guy if I can't find a good pattern for my idea.

And this was the biggest surprise of all. The bunches of yarn I had set aside for socks. 5 different pairs. Two are some leftovers put together to make some mismatched Frankensocks. One pair would use a shawl I was frogging. The red yarn is for socks I planned to make for my mom this year. I started a couple different patterns but wasn't happy and frogged them. Think I will knit her plain socks next year. The multicolored yarn in the bottom right had been my third or fourth pair of socks I ever made but they didn't stay up well and I loved the yarn so I frogged them. However, I had worn them enough that it wasn't easy. I didn't think I rescued enough yarn to get a pair of regular sized socks so I started a pair of slightly longer than anklet socks. I completed one and never started the second. First time I've ever suffered from second sock syndrome. Need to finish.

And here is the project that started it all. Finally in a bag. JoAnn's was clearing this yarn out last yarn. I bought this blue, some light tan and a multicolored that I used to make a pair of socks for my sister. I had plans for this yarn that I never did so I'm using if for the Mystery shawl KAL. I thought this colour would be good for anyone. Not sure if I'm going to keep it or gift it. We'll see how much I love it. First clue released tomorrow. 

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