Monday, November 10, 2014

Making progress

I missed writing an October round-up or what my goals are for November, although I think last week's post about all my knitting projects kind of counts. I've been making progress on lots of things the past few weeks which included piecing a quilt top that's a gift and can't be shown here. You'll just have to trust me that I did it.

I ironed this stack of fabric and made 3 quilt backs. One for the surprise quilt, mentioned above (it's roughly twin size). I also made backs for the advent quilt and the Made-in-Cherry quilt. That was a lot of work but glad to have it done.

I finally wrapped these twigs that had been sitting on my desk for months. The little ones will probably end up as gifts. The bigger one is supposed to be for me, but I might gift it too. We'll see. They are already attached to the canvas. Just need to knit the little critters that sit on the branches.

The advent quilt. Ironed and cut all the white strips and got half of them sewn on. I set this aside to finish the surprise quilt which needed to get finished. 

I moved the books to be hollowed out to the kitchen so I can work on them whenever I have a spare minute while cooking. The counter is higher than my desk so I prefer working on them here anyway.

I should have some finishes to share later this week. Blocked the finished Savanna shawl this morning. Had to use pins so it is drying in my daughter's room, away from the toddler. 

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