Friday, November 14, 2014

Four Finishes for Friday

Yes, I have four finishes to share this Friday. And only one of them is for me. The rest are gifts which is great. Sorry for the long post and I really should have edited the photos but I was just so excited to share.
First is a headband for my daughter. Pattern is Christiana Headband from Everyday Lace book. There is currently a KAL happening. Above is the headband before blocking. I cast on only 14 stitches instead of 20 as 20 appeared to wide for her 12 year old head.

My daughter usually does the picture taking for me but since this was a gift for her I tried to do it myself. Very tricky.

Can kind of see the lace pattern better in this picture.

A Love Your Mother button so she'll remember who made it for her.

Second finish this week was the Savanna shawl. This one is for me and I've worn it everyday since I finished it (and am wearing it right now). This is it before blocking.

After blocking. Sorry for the bad lighting. The gloomy weather this week has not been good for picture taking.


Stretched out.

Lovely lace.

This is how I have been wearing it.

How I'll wear it with coats but I've just been wearing it around the house so far.

I finished the Reading Shawl over a week ago and blocked it last week but have waiting to take pictures of it. 

Stretched out. It really grew after blocking.

Sitting on my shoulders like it's supposed to.

Yesterday, I decided to try for one more finish. Used stitch markers to keep things aligned.

Lovely seam.
Then onto the button bands and collar.

Just needs buttons but since this is a gift for my mom, I'm not posting another picture of it on the blog until she receives it next month so it will still be a bit of a surprise. So thrilled to have this done.

And with all those finishes you knew I'd cast on something new. This is a gift though. I had made something different but it just didn't turn out and I'm not going to give it as a gift. Cast this on for her instead. I'll show my messed up project and what I've done with it next week.

Besides finishing the Dundurn cardigan yesterday I was able to write over 3,000 words and passed the halfway mark for NaNoWriMo.


  1. Wow! What fabulous finishes. They are all really lovely. Congratulations on finishing those and your writing, too!

  2. you have been busy, busy, busy!! great finishes. i'm working towards a few myself, but not nearly there yet.


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