Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Books to Read in November

Since I'm busy writing a novel this month for NaNoWriMo, I won't be reading much fiction. When my sore throat returned a few days ago, I enjoyed a big hot chocolate, some Halls and a book about Ada Lovelace - daughter of Lord Byron and writer of the first computer program. I have less than 100 pages left to read and I can't renew it so I'll definitely be finishing this book. Here are some of the other books I'll probably be looking at this month, they might not get read.

The only novels I'll attempt to read this month. I started "Out of the Dark" by Patrick Modiano and so far it seems good. When I found out he won the Nobel Prize I went to the library website and requested the books they had of his that were translated into English. The other, "First Impressions" by Charlie Lovett, might get returned to be read at a later date. I don't think either of these will influence my writing which is why I'm willing to read them this month.

Onto non-fiction. You can see the book about Ada Lovelace and Amy Poehler's book on the bottom. Neither of these can be renewed. I've skimmed through Amy's book reading bits of it and it looks really good. I definitely want to read it.

I've read several reviews of  "Mighty Ugly" on the internet and decided to request it from the library. I can't renew it, so of the four in this picture it will probably be the one read. Also, I don't think a book about slow writing will be good to read when I'm trying to write a book quickly. 

Crafty books. The Amigurumi book and the "little book of Book Making" on the right, can't be renewed. There are a couple patterns I like in the crochet book that I'll photocopy. The book making book convinced me I need to make a book and caused me to start my book making board on Pinterest that I mentioned on Sunday. The other two I found on the shelves at the library and look interesting. I'll show more of the snowflakes book at a later date.

Not sure what I'll actually be able to read this month. Last November I only read a graphic novel and a book of poetry while doing NaNoWriMo.I've been reaching my target word count everyday, which means I should get off the internet and go write now.
What are you reading this month?

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