Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friday Night Sew-In Results

My Friday Night Sew-In was more of a Friday Day Sew-In as that was when I had time. I would have done more in the evening but I didn't have any white thread. I'm not sure when I finished my last spool but I hope to get out today to buy some so I can quilt the quilt top I finished last night. Here are some pictures from my Friday, with my toddler making a lot of appearances.

Bright and sunny outside while I finished sashing the blocks for our advent quilt. Pattern is here.

All sashed and ready to be sewn together. Kept the paper near me to make sure I sewed them together in the right order.

Little Guy, Floyd, loved the quilt. I laid it down to make sure everything was sewn together correctly and he hopped right on.

And he soon figured out the pockets.

He needed to hang out with me while I pieced batting. I used 8-10 scraps of batting. 

Basted it after Floyd went to bed last night but discovered I had no white thread. Floyd started putting  puzzle pieces on it as soon as I laid it down this morning to take a picture. Wait until he finds out that there are going to be treats in each pocket.

Visit Wendy's blog to see what everyone else did last night.


  1. Hi, popping in from FNSI... your stitching is beautiful... and your little man just very sweet

  2. This is beautiful your little helper is doing a good job he will love all the treats.

  3. Floyd is such a cutie, won't take him long to realise what the Advent Calender is really for.
    Looks great...

  4. I've popped over from FNSI and so glad I did. Floyd is a sweetie! The Advent Calender is lovely!

  5. Love the advent calender. Floyd will have fun for sure. Hus,xx

  6. Very cute - this is going to be a really popular quilt! Hope you can get some more thread soon, it will be needed soon! (your wee fellow is very cute, too!)


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