Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting ready for 2014 - Knitting

Here's the first of hopefully 3 blog posts this week about the end of 2013 and what I hope for this blog in 2014. I plan on Monday being knitting posts. I'll be updating projects, showing any new yarn I may have bought and if I'm lucky, showing off some finished projects. Obviously today is not Monday but the kids had yesterday and today off school so we 're still in vacation mode over here. 

My big gift this year was a set of interchangeable needles. I had sent the link to my husband during the black Friday/ cyber Monday deals. He complained about the price but then ordered them to arrive at his work. Sneaky guy.

They're bamboo and they're lovely. I need to start a new project just to use them. Soon.

I was able to finish the sweater for the little guy before the end of the year. December 30th, actually, during our 9 hour drive home. My husband says he looks Inuit in it so we nicknamed it his Nanook sweater - in honor of Frank Zappa. Above he's playing with a stuffed seal.

Tried to get another picture of him but his siblings are too distracting for him to look at me. You can also see my awesome new slippers in this picture too. 

My sister gifted me this bag which is perfect for holding little projects like socks (a hint maybe?) or a hat or cowl. 

My mom spoils me with beautiful yarn. This year I said no fabric just yarn as that seems to be where my interest lies, right now. (Although I do have plans to finish up some quilt WIP's and even start some new ones). This is a special colourway made for my hometown lys called, Nipissing Sunset after the lake the town sits beside. I'm thinking a cowl or scarf, even though it's sock weight yarn. This yarn is too beautiful for socks that will be buried in shoes and beneath pants.

The second skein she bought is called, Shadfly Season. Shadflies are called something else down here but I can't remember. I think this yarn might become socks. It's lovely but I found the perfect pattern for it. One of the workers from the store where the yarn was bought just released a free pattern on ravelry called Nosbonsing. This is another lake in the area where my parents have a trailer and I've been to countless times. I think a pair of Nosbonsing socks will have to me made for me, my mom and maybe my sister. 

My SIL gifted me a bunch of neat stuff, including some stitch markers that were put away before I took this picture. On the left you can see all the safety eyes she bought me. I'm beyond thrilled. I can't find them locally, only online. Now I need to decide what I'm going to make.

I received the Knitting 2014 calendar. I really enjoyed last year's, so I asked for the same one this year.

Here's a pattern I am working on from last year's calendar which seems appropriate with the recent weather. It's called "Snowstorm Cowl" and I'm almost halfway done.

My mom also gifted us these neat napkins. They might be too cool to use.

And since we've been home I've picked up some yarn to make more dishcloths. I made 3 for my SIL and she says I can make them some more. The KnitPicks blog is posting a new washcloth pattern every week which should help keep me motivated.

My knitting plans for 2014 are pretty tame, I hope. I need to finish a few projects:
1) A cardigan for my mom which has one sleeve complete
2) Blanket for the little guy which is over halfway done
3) Cardigan for my daughter that was supposed to be a Christmas present (oops)
4) Sweater for older son which was also supposed to be a Christmas present (double oops)
5) I have a second sock to make for a pair of socks for myself.

Projects I'd like to make in 2014:
1) Nosbonsing socks for myself, mom and sister
2) Socks for my SIL
3) Washcloths and towels for Christmas presents
4) Cardigan or sweater for each of my kids for Christmas 2014.
5) Cardigan for my sister to celebrate her 40th birthday and graduation from teacher's college this spring.

I know there are several other projects I'll start and want to make but these are the ones I would be disappointed about if I didn't finish them.

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