Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ready for January

No, I'm not ready for January because I finished all the gifts I wanted to make. Complete opposite. I haven't finished the ones I wanted/ needed to make. We opened gifts at our house this morning and none of my kids received a completed sweater/cardigan from me. I really wanted that to be a new tradition but life definitely got in the way. So many things suck away my time and energy that it just didn't happen. I know many crafters say next year will be different and that they're going to start making things for next Christmas in January. I really want to say it because I hate how I feel right now. I feel really disappointed in myself and dreading Christmas because what is under the tree isn't what I had planned. Every time I gave up a little of the make-it list and had to go shopping for presents instead broke my heart a little. I really wanted to make gifts and not just to save money but to show I cared for and loved my family enough to use my spare time to make something for them. So, in the new year I hope to change the Handmade holidays page at the top of the blog into a place for me to keep track of gifts I make during 2014 for that Christmas. I really want to be proud of the gifts I give and not just hope I found the right thing at the store. 

Anyway, here's the progress I've made the past couple weeks. I have a couple more items I'd like to complete before  the big day ( I have a whole stocking I'm supposed to knit that I haven't started yet. Yarn, needles and pattern are waiting for me to find some time to do it).
Baby in his sweater. 18 month width, 12 month length for a 7 month old baby. Good thing I took measurements.

Enjoying his stocking.

Side A.

Side B. 

Every time I showed him this fabric he smiled so I knew he'd love his stocking. I used my sister's tutorial which you can find here. I, however, just cut out the pieces and didn't follow the tutorial, thinking I was smart, and had to rip it out twice. Finally got it right the third time. You'd think a stocking wouldn't be that hard to figure out. Tutorial's great  - if you read it!

Ornaments for our families.

Daughter's cardigan. Body done. I have started a sleeve but still need to do the other sleeve, button bands and collar.

Other son's sweater. Same pattern as the baby's, different size. Turned out to be too big and had to be frogged so it doesn't look like this anymore. Yeah, it's been a great couple weeks.

First sleeve started on the baby's sweater. It is now complete, as is the hood. One sleeve left!

Started a hat for the baby because I've lost my mind and need more projects to work on to feel guilty about not finishing.

3 finished potholders. 2 of these went to my friend's parents who are always very nice to us (they let us stay at their cottage on Lake Michigan for free). The other is for a family member (basket block).


  1. hey rachel, wanted to let you know that i really like my basket pot holder! specifically, i like that it's tad larger than my regular ones, so it fits nicely under my big frying pan. would love more as future gifts (though we don't need a ribbon for hanging, they live in our drawer). and feel free to make a gazillion more dish cloths for us... we seem to go through them quickly (at least the store bought ones!), and we love having extras around to wipe up messes :D


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