Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Knitting and "my office"

Holidays can sometimes throw my schedule out of whack. The kids had yesterday off school so my Monday knitting post didn't get written, although I did take pictures.

Here is the cardigan with ends woven in and arm seams complete. I had made 5 button holes but decided to sew close 4 of them and do what the pattern says and just have one button at the neck. After trying a lot of different buttons I've settled on the pink one seen above. Still needs to be sewn on. Then I can wash the sweater and mail it.

Been knitting like crazy on this sweater for my older son. This was supposed to be a Christmas present but the first time I knit it, it was too big so I frogged it and started over. His birthday is this Thursday. I would love to have the body and sleeves done by then. The Australian Open is really helping with my evening knitting (wasn't yesterday's tennis amazing! Canadian Eugenie Bouchard winning and Djokovic losing. Wow, those were both surprises.) Anyway...

I was going to wait until my table was cleared off before I took a picture to post then I had to admit it will always look a little crazy. The left side of the table is the crafty side, the right side is the writing side. The white book shelf is where the table used to be, so I no longer have my back to the rest of the living room but can see everyone. My husband may have teased me last night about watching tennis on my computer and a different program on the tv. At least I was knitting while doing it. My son's sweater is the black lump in the middle of the table.

Very full shelves. I'd really like to empty these out a bit this year. The two cubbies under the yarn stash are quilt projects. The one on the left are projects waiting to be started while the one on the right are projects waiting to be finished. You know which ones I want to play with, right?

And this is what it looks like most evenings. Stuff spread everywhere, glow of the computer and the baby sleeping near by. 

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