Monday, January 27, 2014

Knitting Monday

This week I've had to remember that slow and steady wins the race. Especially when knitting sleeves. I finally finished the body of the sweater for my older son but am now left with the sleeves. But before I show pictures of the sweater here's the little guy enjoying a hat I knit him last year at Christmas, months before he was born.

It's nice and warm and keeps his ears covered. I put 2 buttonholes so it could grow with him. He is using the smallest setting right now. He doesn't like getting the hat done up but is fine once it's on.

Adorable, isn't it?

My birthday boy. I finished the body in time for his birthday last week. I had him try it on and took a picture.

Started the first sleeve. I have about 8 inches left before I am finished the first sleeve. Ugh. Might do the hood before I do the second sleeve. Really looking forward to finishing this one.

However, I couldn't help but start something. I was spending way too much of my "spare" time looking at patterns and daydreaming about what I would start next. I made a Zuzu's Petals cowl for my mom for Christmas - forgot to get a picture though - and knew I wanted to make one for myself. I had a skein of yarn that I bought on clearance several years ago and have been waiting for the right pattern. When I saw the Yarn Harlot's Zuzu's Petals (if you click on the link you'll have to scroll down to her January 21st post as I couldn't get the individual post) last week I knew I needed to cast on another one, right away. I am on row 15 of 42 of the lace pattern and have been working on it after all the kids go to bed in the evenings. This should be done by next Monday.

Hard to believe that January is almost over and February and the Olympics will be here very soon. Next Monday I'll post my knitting plans for the Olympics. 

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