Monday, January 13, 2014

Knitting Monday

For some reason, I forgot to mention this book my sister gave me for Christmas. However, it seems appropriate that I blog about it today as she has requested socks for her birthday instead of the cardigan I had planned. No problem. Here are some of the patterns from the book. 

Maybe she'd like this one?

Or one of these?

Or one of these?

Or this unique one? We'll see.

Last Wednesday I started a little cardigan for my cousin's new little girl. I had already sent along a blanket and a couple hats but none of that had been made specifically for her and I felt she deserved something special. I might make for her since knitting for little girls is fun. This is how far I was this afternoon.

My cleaning up this weekend turned into us moving several pieces of furniture. My son and I switched bookshelves giving me a little more space. Above is most of my yarn. In the left cubby are full or almost full skeins. The right is just sock yarn, although it won't all become socks.

On top of the shelf is my bin of scrap yarn. 

All my knitting books are standing up. Some had to lay on their side on the previous shelf. Last year I also started putting patterns in a binder - the big one at the end. Each pattern is in it's own sheet protector which makes it easier to keep them flat and to look at them. And yes, they are organized by type of pattern - socks, cardigan, baby, etc.

And to help keep me focused on making for the holidays earlier this year, I have a basket of dishcloth yarn sitting on my table.

And this dizzying picture shows a bunch of bags under the table. Each bag holds a knitting or crochet project waiting to be completed. I'll show the rest of my workspace once I have everything in place, hopefully by the end of this week.

Tonight I finished the cardigan for baby Ava. Need to sew up the arm sleeves, weave in ends and add some buttons. Then it will be ready to mail. 

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