Saturday, January 11, 2014

Being Honest

I know this is a bad picture - taken at night with no flash - but it's too scary to really show you what my table really looks like. Stuff thrown on there after arriving back home after our trip to Canada at Christmas along with unfinished Christmas presents. Plus other projects. This is what I would like to clean up tomorrow, although it will probably take me several days to find a work surface under all that stuff. I wanted to start today but swim lessons this morning and a game night at a friend's house interrupted my day. As did an almost 2 hour nap with the baby this afternoon. Guess I needed it. Hopefully by next weekend I'll be able to do some actual work here.

A little something I got myself in the post holiday sales. I warned the kids they'll get a note on one of these next time they misbehave. I think I'll use them more for myself.

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