Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writing Wednesday - A Google Hangout

Some of you may have noticed a few little changes on the blog this week. One of them is the little g+ by my name on the sidebar. Clicking on it takes you to Google+. I don't know much about it but my husband has been encouraging me to use it for months. I'm told it's like Twitter but better. This week I filled out my profile a bit and spent some time looking around and found out that Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood would be doing a Google Hangout chat tonight. So earlier tonight I got to watch two literary greats talk about Alice's work. It was as amazing as you would expect with these two.

Doesn't it look like Atwood's talking just to me?

Alice Munro discussing her work.

Atwood fullscreen!

Love the picture of the two of them behind Alice on the bookshelf.

Of course I did a little knitting while watching.

And I have been writing this week. Social media once again alerted me to a little something. Besides hosting Canada Reads, CBC also hosts a Canada Writes contest. The current contest is for creative non-fiction - deadline is February 1st. I spent several days last week thinking about it and then wrote a rough draft on Thursday and Friday. I left it alone for the weekend and reread it the other day. It's not bad but still needs a lot of work and I'm not sure I'll submit it but it was fun to write. The next contest is for poetry and I might just focus on that one instead.

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