Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 UFO's

I've decided to join Judy again in aiming to complete 12 UFO's in 2012. One a month. I was able to complete 7 of 12 last year with my December one close to being done, so hopefully I'll be able to say 8 of 12 very soon.

1. Lantern Bloom quilt. This was a quilt I wanted to make so I made the quilt top as a UFO last year. Now I just need to quilt it.

2. Patchwork Panche. This was on the list last year. It is a king sized quilt. I was able to quilt the middle section but would like to finish it. It takes up a lot of space. Not sure what will become of this quilt - keep? gift? charity?

3. This is the only block I made of 4 planned using a Just Wing It Layer cake. I had planned on doing a tutorial for the block so I didn't finish it as I needed to take pictures as I went. Need to finish piecing the last 3 blocks, piece the top together and quilt it.

4. Terrain quilt for us. Top done, just needs to be quilted.

5. Billboard quilt inspired by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! You can see hers here. I have the quote and fabrics picked out. This project just kept being pushed aside but I really want to finish it.

6. Prayer flag quilt. Lap sized quilt using a Prayer flag and cream jelly roll. Strips are pieced and ironed and some are cut. I would like to gift this to my husband's supervisor before we move this summer.

7. I tested this pattern for my sister but never finished it. Just needs some applique (or embroidery?) in the cream blocks and then quilted. Needs a good ironing too.

8. and 9. Dresden Quilt from Material Obsession. This quilt will get 2 months. It was on my list for 2011 but all I got done was 141 wedges cut. Got myself up to 180 the other night. Need to cut 76 more. I am only making a lap sized quilt (16 blocks). Giving myself 1 month to piece the blocks and the second month to quilt it.

10. Snowbound. This was also on my 2011 UFO list and didn't get completed. Still need to finish the last 7 blocks and quilt it.

11. My sister sent me this quilt top last year at Christmas and it has been sitting on my shelf since then. Going to quilt it and donate it to charity.

12. My sister also sent me this quilt top. I always think of this as the Man Quilt. Don't know why, just what it's been called in my head. Going to add some borders to make this a little bigger and quilt it. Offering it to my parents for their trailer or it will be going to charity.

Do you have some UFO's that you would like to finish next year? Sign up at Judy's by the end of the year.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you're joining in! I'm really pumped up for a great year of quilting in 2012. It looks like you're lined up for some gorgeous finishes, too! :)

  2. Moving where this summer? Did we miss something?


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