Friday, December 9, 2011


Well, it's Friday. I'm so close to being done the gifts that need to be shipped. I finished a quilt Wednesday night but can't show pictures here. I have one gift left. It feels like it is taking me forever.

I am working on a vest for my brother. This is the back. I finished it yesterday after I took this photo.

This is as far as I got on the front yesterday evening. I want to mail this tomorrow. Part of me is saying rip it out and make him a plain stockinette front instead of the cables which are slowing me down. The other part of me knows no matter what I decide it isn't going to be done tomorrow so I should just do what I originally intended. I think I am going to keep the cables and mail the rest of his family's gifts tomorrow and just mail his when I get it done. I would rather pay express for just his gift than his whole family (he has 4 girls). 

So tonight is Friday Night Sew-In. I'm not going to force myself to work on his vest. I'll probably work on it a bit but I am going to let myself work on some other, not so urgent projects as well. Go here to sign up for FNSI. There will be another one next Friday too.

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