Thursday, December 1, 2011

November UFO

November UFO, #3 is done! It's the Glow Happy quilt designed by Happy Zombie using her Holiday Happy fabric. You can find the pattern here or on her blog. I bought the fabric for this quilt last year on Cyber Monday. Happy to have it done.

Well, almost done. I ran out of black floss for the last lantern. Going to Michael's this weekend and I will pick up more. Should take less than an hour to finish the strings. Everything else is complete though, so I am considering it finished.

Stipple quilted in the white sections and then each part of the lantern is quilted as well. I mainly outlined the pattern in the fabric. The gnomes I just  went around to make them pop. On the snowflake fabric I free-motioned little snowflakes.

I love this quilt. For an hour while adding the black embroidery I thought of giving it away for Christmas but decided to keep it. Here it is hanging in the hallway outside our bedroom. I also put up some other Winter quilts this morning. The quilt at the top of the stairs is Primitive Joy designed by my sister. I got to test the pattern but you can buy the pattern, here.

This is a quilt I made last year (or maybe the year before?), and had put in my etsy shop but no one bought so I decided to keep it. It's hanging in our bedroom.

Some other finishes since Tuesday, include this scarf for a BIL. It is currently being blocked on the living room floor. 2 skeins of bulky yarn make for a great, quick gift.

Finished these 2 pillows. Also a Christmas gift.

Finished the Tree skirt for my SIL and her family. It's flannel and the snowmen are felt. I rarely ever work with these materials and I don't know what possessed me to do it now. I hope it works okay. If this one falls apart, I'll make you a better one, Michelle.

I tried to fuse the felt to the flannel. Didn't happen, but it did cause the red felt to bleed on one of the snowmen. I had a dry iron so not sure exactly how I did it - maybe kept the iron too long in one spot. The other 2 are fine.

Last post I mentioned that I had made a list of what I needed to finish and make before Christmas. Of the 31 things on the list, 8 are complete and 2 have been crossed off - not happening this year :) 8 more need to be finished and in the mail by next Saturday to reach their destination in time. 8 doesn't seem like a lot except the 8 include 2 quilts that need to be quilted and a cardigan that has only been cast on. Guess I need to get back to work.

Go to Judy's blog to see other completed November UFO's.


  1. love the Glow Happy quilt! it turned out so well... such pretty colours. i'm loving the tree skirt so far! and i love how the D9P pillows match the quilt that i made. eeee, excited!

  2. Glow Happy is beautiful, and looks fantastic on your wall. Congrats! Looks like you've been sewing up a storm. Best of luck with all your December projects!

  3. Your Nov. quilt is really great and love the quilting. Lots of finishes are wonderful. Judy C

  4. I love that pattern. It may make it onto my 2012 UFO list...but first I'd have to start it... It looks like you've gotten a lot done lately. Seems everyone posting for Judy's challenge has gotten a lot done lately. I guess I'm just a slacker? Ah well, we all have those months. Good job on all your finishes!

  5. You're accomplishing so much -- good job! Love the quilt, the colors are great. I love to give away quilts, but it's fun now and then to make that decision to keep something that you love so much.

  6. Wow--you are one busy person! Congrats on finishing your UFO and all the other projects you've done (and good luck with the rest of your Christmas projects!) I'm envious of anyone that can start and finish a lovely quilt in a year!

  7. Love your happy zombie quilt - I have that pattern in my files too!


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