Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Holiday Finishes

Our little tree is up. Our snowman countdown calendar is hanging behind it and there's a new tree skirt underneath. 

I used some squares from a layer cake (The Caroler, I think), and cut them into wedges. 

I finished these 4 placemats. I pinned all 4 on a half yard of fabric and sewed random lines across them. Trimmed and bound them.

They are a little small, so I have been calling them snack mats. 

And yes, I showed this scarf last week. I didn't make another. I blocked this scarf twice but it refused to be flat.

As I ripped it apart I crocheted it into this ribbed scarf. I am happy to report that this one lies flat.

Made this circle pillow for a niece. Used "Diego" blue (or as close as I could get) since she is a big fan.

Another scarf for a nephew. 

First box of presents from family arrived on Saturday. My SIL included some quilting magazines. Thanks Michelle. I looked at them all quickly but hope to look at them properly once things settle down.

Here they are... first 2 packages sealed up and ready to go. I mailed them yesterday. I hope to mail 2 more tomorrow and the last 2 on Friday. 

And if I get everything mailed off, I will celebrate Friday evening with Friday Night Sew-In. There are 2 this month.  Go here to sign up.

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