Friday, December 16, 2011

Finish It Up Friday

This week has been crazy. I was looking forward to 5 days to myself before the kids start their Christmas holidays. It just wasn't meant to be. Monday I had to go to the post office and to my husband's end of semester/ holiday work party. Wednesday was spent at the mall and my son has been home sick Tuesday, Thursday and today with a bad cough and cold. So, I haven't posted all week, but I did find time to do some crafting this week. I'll start with works in progress.

Saturday I finished sewing together the jelly roll pairs that I had started last Friday during Friday Night Sew-In. I also ironed all 328 half-square triangles that I had finished making that night. Have decided on a lay out for the baby quilt (found out it is going to be a little boy named, Asa), just need to trim them and sew it together. 

Knitted a couple more inches on my brother's vest. This is now a very late Christmas present. The plan is to have it done by early January and mail it to him with his daughter's birthday gift (see one of the finishes below). This was the only knitting project I had out to work on this week until my daughter's piano teacher called on Tuesday. I thought her last lesson for the year would be next week... nope. She's going to do a make-up lesson today and that's it for the year. So...

... I have been knitting like crazy trying to finish up this shawl for the piano teacher. When I got it out on Tuesday evening I only had 2 inches done. I am now up to 23 inches but need to have it done by 5pm today! I am giving myself until 3pm and if I'm not close enough by then, it is on to plan B. Well, I'll have to think of a plan B. Glad this is such an easy pattern to memorize and works up quickly.

Onto the finishes. I'd have more knitting done on the shawl if I hadn't spent most of yesterday working on this little pouch and the wallhanging after it. I made this for a work friend of my husband who use to babysit our kids. She moved to Texas in the fall and was back to visit this week. I had the fabric picked out for her before she left but didn't get it made in time. I found the fabrics this weekend when I was cleaning up and when I heard she was back in town for a few days this week, I decided to make it for her. She studies frogs.

Bought this frog to go inside. The inside fabric reminds me of frog eggs. This was my second zipper. Hope it doesn't break.

My kids made these for her. My daughter made the coaster and the peace sign ornament. My son made the wreath ornament. They made similar ornaments for family as well.

Also boxed the corners so it could stand up. Size was limited by the amount of fabric I had. Fabric rectangles were 7 x10 inches before sewn together.

Teacher gift finished last night. Pictures taken this morning, sorry for the bad lighting. I sketched this snowman last week but didn't get around to cutting and piecing him until yesterday morning. He is just a small snowman and the finished wall hanging measures about 16 x 35 inches. I was almost crazy enough to make myself one at the same time but thought better of it.

Did loopy free motion on the white and added some fringe to the scarf. Nose, arms and holly are fused on but the face and body buttons were sewn on last night while watching a movie.

Finished another circle pillow this week, too. Frankly I have lost count of how many of these I have done. This is for my niece's birthday in January. I made her sister one in June for her birthday. Still deciding whether to put buttons in the middle of each side.

My son had some finishes this week too. Inspired by my sister and nephew, I had my son make the cards for his teachers by glueing on leftover triangles to make a tree. I had some extra mini lights from a craft we didn't do. I told him small pieces of tape. He loves tape. I really should have known better but it definitely looks like he made them.

He even added lights to the inside.

And you know you're sick when, you rest holding the kleenex box and snuggled in 2 quilts. Hope he feels better soon and that I don't catch it. Not until after Christmas at least.

And tonight is the second Friday Night Sew-In of December and the last one for 2011. Go here to sign up. Not sure what I'm going to work on but I should get off the computer now... I have lots of knitting to do.


  1. I'm in love with that snowman. How simple and delightful!

  2. I love the frog egg fabric -- it adds so much!

  3. what a busy week you've had! phew! i feel bad for your little cutie pie passed out on the couch. sometimes they just tucker out and it's so cute!! the photo made me smile.

    thanks for linking up!

  4. You have been busy! Love it all but your snowman shines! You WILL have to make one for yourself:) Nova's little cards are great. Hope the knitting got done it time!

  5. Terrific finishes for you! Lots of great, fun stuff. :)

  6. Poor little guy. :o( Hope he's feeling better soon! I hate weeks like that, when you can't seem to get a moment to yourself. But it looks like you got a lot done, despite it all! Great job!


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