Monday, January 2, 2012

12 12s for 2012

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a nice New Year's. We took the kids out to supper and skyped with my parents when it was midnight their time (only 9pm here so the kids got to wish them Happy New Year). 
I have to admit I am really happy to see 2011 go. Not sure why I disliked it so much, it just felt like a blah year and I'm glad to see it go. 2012 is going to be a great year. There is also something about the 12 part of 2012 that is encouraging me to set lots of goals. I have made a list of 12 things I would like to do 12 times in 2012. Some of them are crafty, while others are not. I'll be creating a separate page on the blog to get track and will do a post at the end of each month to sum up what I've done that month. 

Some of the socks knitted in 2011.
 1. 12 pairs of knitted socks

4 of my completed 2011 UFO's.
 2. 12 UFO's finished - see sidebar for list.
3.  Read 12 novels.
4. 12 ornaments.

Gifts made for family in 2011.
5. 12 hand-made gifts.
6. 12 new recipes.
7. 12 letters to my grandparents.
8. 12 craft days with my kids.
9. 12 date/ movie nights with my husband with no crafting or work - we were able to accomplish this on New Year's Eve. I have to admit it felt strange to just sit and watch a movie with no knitting in my hands.
10. Give to 12 charities - some with be made, such as quilts and knitted squares, while others will be monetary.

11. 12 tutorials, patterns or giveaways on the blog.

12. 12 crafted items for the home that aren't quilts. 

Some of my favourite completed quilts of 2011.
I think that is enough to keep me busy.

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