Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Works in Progress

Here's what I am tackling this month.

My daughter bought me these fabrics for Christmas. Picked a fat quarter friendly pattern, washed and ironed fabrics and began cutting. Not sure what I was thinking starting this. I picked a relatively simple pattern so my daughter could help me piece it. Plans: to have it cut by next Monday so she can help piece on her day off from school.

Pieced the first 12 blocks of the Prayer Flag lap quilt UFO. This needs to be done by June so I am working on it when I can. I really like these blocks and fabric.

My January UFO - Billboard quilt inspired by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson!. Fabrics are all ironed. Need to make some more scrap blocks to cut my letters from. I plan to fuse my letters onto the quilt instead of piecing them into the quilt. Need to get working on this.

My December UFO has been basted for.... a few weeks? It's starting to get in the way. I signed up for Amy's One Week, One Thing Challenge and plan to have this finished by next Monday.

Other works in progress.
Look familiar? I posted a similar photo a couple weeks ago of a cardigan I'm making for my son. Well, when I divided the cardigan for the back and two sides it was obvious that it was too big. So, as I took it apart I cast it on again using smaller needles and omitted the cables at the button band to save time. This is my second attempt. Divided it again for the back and two sides - this one is also too big. ugh. I'm convinced that the yarn and pattern won't work together so...

I cast on a third attempt but in a different pattern. Pieces are all done separately and then sewn together. So far the back looks promising. It's smaller than the second try and I was able to measure it on my son's back and it looks good. Third times the charm, right?
If he hadn't purposely asked for a cardigan with hood and pockets, in yarn with lots of blues, I would have given up long ago. His birthday is on the 23rd and I aiming to have it done by then. No cables to slow me down. Wish me luck.

And not to neglect making something for my daughter. She goes to free Renaissance dance lessons after school on Monday and Tuesday. The teacher decided they are good enough to do performances so you know what that means - an outfit. All she has to have is a black skirt and white tights (school is providing the shirts). Do you know how hard it is to find a plain black skirt for a girl? Even a dress with a black bottom that I could make into a skirt? Next to impossible in our little town. 

After 4 stores I gave up and bought this. It is a woman's large sundress on clearance from Wal-Mart. I am hoping to cut this up and make her a skirt.

I figured for $2 it was worth a shot. 

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  1. Oh yeah -- I love remakes! Can't wait to see your sundress to skirt makeover!! :)


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