Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Couple New Projects

I know, I know... I have several things that need to be completed and I really shouldn't be starting anything else. I had to start these though. These are my gymnastic socks. I need a small, easy project to work on while my kids have gymnastics on Saturday morning and all my other projects are too big or too complicated. These are going to be basic socks, no fancy pattern and fit easily into my purse. Not sure if these will be for me or a gift. I really like the colour of the yarn and would like to keep them. 

I made 2 ticker tape blocks. I am using 2 solid black layer cakes and my green and blue scraps. They are the two scrap bins overflowing. I might throw in a couple purple blocks to mix it up a bit. Am really liking these blocks and will add to them when I just want to sew but don't have anything in the piecing stage. I am hoping to have all the blocks done by the end of the year and having this as a UFO to complete in 2013. Takes the pressure off.

A reminder that this Friday is Friday Night Sew-In. You can sign up at Bobbi's this month, here. Not sure what I am going to be working on. I still need to finish the cardigan for my son's birthday (which is Monday). I finished the first sleeve yesterday and am working on the second sleeve today. Then I just have the hood and piecing it all together. Need to decide whether I am going to use buttons or a zipper (I know he would prefer zipper). We'll see what happens.

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  1. I probably won't make it for the FNSI...or maybe I can. I like the greens and blues in your ticker tape blocks! Some purple blocks in there would sure be fun. :)


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