Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Yarn of a Week

It seems my week has been full of yarn. Have wanted to sit at my sewing machine but haven't. Finished my son's cardigan on Monday - his birthday. He asked that I not put a zipper, as he wants to use it as a housecoat right now. It does meet in the middle so maybe when it warms up a bit I'll add a zipper so he can use this as a coat. It looks better with a smile.

There we go. He loved it and wore it while he opened the rest of his presents. He's happy that it has pockets and even though the hood is a little small, he says he likes it that way.

After finishing my son's cardigan I turned to the next cardigan in my queue. My mother asked for brown yarn with flecks of colour in it. Here is my swatch. Isn't it lovely? After going through some patterns with my mom, she seemed to like cables and I was willing. However you can't see the cables in this yarn. I tried 2 different patterns. One with lots of cables, one with just a couple and the cables are totally lost in the yarn and if I am going to do cables, I want to be able to see them. Since third time seems to be the charm with cardigans for me, I have started the cardigan again but with no cables and just letting the yarn enjoy the spotlight. Fingers crossed.

My niece asked for a purple or turquoise scarf. Even though her birthday isn't until the end of March, I started it. It's a quick pattern (I actually finished it last night but it's too overcast today to take pictures so you're getting an in progress shot). I really like it (might have to make one for myself). I know it's hard to see in the picture but I want there to be some surprises when she receives it.

And I've been working on this sock, even when I'm not watching the kids do gymnastics. These socks will be a gift and were relaxing to work on as I finished up my son's cardigan. I never thought I would think of sock knitting as relaxing but I really enjoy it.

Now, I am off to do some sewing... finally.

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  1. I'm going to have to just bite the bullet and learn how to work with yarn. I love all your projects!! Plus it would be a nice break when I'm frustrated with or tired of fabric! :)


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