Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Updates

Here's a little of what I have been doing the past few days. I completed 3 more squares for charity.

I quilted the pillow for my nephew and stuffed it. It will be mailed off tomorrow.

Knitted up 2 washcloths as I noticed one of mine was falling apart.

My father informed me today that a family friend and member of his church has been diagnosed with cancer. I tried to think of something I could make for her and got out this layer cake and decided on a layout. It should be an easy, quick finish that will hopefully provide some warmth and comfort over the difficult  months ahead.

This fabric may be used as either a border or part of the backing. This fabric came from my aunt who sent along a bag of fabric when my parents came to visit in June. I realized I haven't shared any of it here... until now.

There are a few yards of this fabric. Definitely doesn't feel like 100% cotton so not sure yet what I am going to use it for.

I thought this was nice fish fabric until I unfolded it and...

... discovered there were 4 different patterns on one yard. Pretty cool.

I'm not sure what I should think of this fabric. At least it isn't scary clowns (found some of that in my moms stash). 

Last but certainly not least, tonight is Friday Night Sew-In. I have so many projects on the go right now I'm not sure what I will get completed. Fingers crossed I get something done.

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  1. I'm taking a short break from FNSI sewing... I've never seen fabric with four prints in a one yard piece... that is cool!

    Love the knitted cloths...


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