Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday presents

Another birthday season is upon us. It seems to come in spurts in our families, get a couple months off and then there are 5-6 within a month. Here's a little of what I've been working on.

Socks for mom and daughter. They are on their way and will hopefully arrive next week. Only a few weeks late.

My nephew turned 10 yesterday. I knew I wanted to do something with Super Mario Bros. but couldn't decide what or how. Finally got it all drafted and cut yesterday. The smallest squares are an inch, finishing at 1/2 inch.

Here it is all complete. I added some borders and hope to quilt it this weekend. The image I worked from is on the left. It was between this guy and the question box.  I see a Super Mario Bros. quilt in my future.

Finished these socks for a friend whose birthday is in a couple weeks. Going to make some other stuff to go along with it.

Close-up of the colours.

I have a niece with a November birthday. Started her gift last night so hopefully it will arrive on time.

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  1. Rachel, that is SO awesome! i'm making him a mario quilt for his birthday (well, it will be a month late..), and that will go perfectly with it! i'm gonna post my design when i finally get it finished :)


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