Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I've been up to

Visited Michaels this weekend after reading on Kate Spain's blog that there was some things for sale with her designs on it. I picked up some for me and some for gifts (these were a $1 each so I may have gone overboard). Love them.

Each of these little cases were also a $1. Each one is holding a different set of double pointed needles. I was going to make myself some little holders (even had the fabrics picked out), but these save me the work.

While catching up on blogs, I came across this charity. Just knit or crochet 8 inch squares, mail them to South Africa where they will be put together by youth inmates and given to children that have been orphaned by AIDS. Instead of sleeping on cardboard, this organization is trying to give each child a blanket. Their current challenge is for 1.2 million squares by next July. Go here for more info.

I joined the challenge. Here are my first 11 squares done. I have picked out a box and am trying to fill it. I will have a running total on my sidebar. This is a great way to use up leftover yarn, or yarn I bought for a project and then changed my mind. 

This is yarn I have set aside to make more squares. I had been looking for a charity to make things for and liked this one because 1) they didn't care what yarn you use, just make the squares and 2) I love making things for my family. These kids don't have families to take care of them.  There is so much more these kids need, but I am hoping the squares I make can provide some warmth and comfort.

I started this cardigan near the end of our train ride. It is for me. If you are on ravelry you can find the pattern here, (free).  


I finished this hat on the train. It was suppose to be a gift for a niece but my daughter really likes it. Found a different pattern that I am going to make for my niece (comes with a matching scarf).

Close-up of the hat. 

When it's too hot to be under quilts, I guess they make good roads and parking lots for toy cars. 

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