Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why I Quilt - Part 4

Here we are at the end of August and my last Why I Quilt post. How did that happen? You can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here. This past 3 posts I have shown pictures of special quilts that were a a part of my childhood and first planted the quilting seed in my brain. This week, the result. The main reason I quilt is because of my family and friends. It is really easy (sometimes) to buy a gift in a store, but to decide on the right pattern, fabric and then make a quilt... is a lot of work. Once I decide to make a quilt for a specific person, I really do think about them as I make it. Here are just a few of things I have made over the years. 

I made this Queen size quilt for my friend and her husband for their 10th anniversary 2 years ago.

My mother requested a quilt for each season to hang above her bed. This is Spring (and my favourite).

A small house warming gift for my brother and his family when they moved into their current home.

A pin quilt for my mom. 

Made this for my brother who has been to Afghanistan twice with the Canadian Military.

My sister and I made this for my parents 40th anniversary last year.

A 10th anniversary quilt for my husband's sister and her husband last year. She has also caught the quilting bug. I'll have to post some of her amazing quilts - if she'll let me.

A birthday present for a niece.

For my daughter.

For my son.

A Birth Announcement quilt for another niece.

I made this quilt earlier this year for my step-grandmother, letting her know I was thinking of her as her son battled a losing fight with cancer.

I also crochet and knit for family. I crocheted this afghan for my paternal grandmother. She knit all her grandchildren many sweaters while they were children and her great-granchildren were also given sweaters, hats and booties when they were born. This was my way of saying thank-you.

I crocheted blankets for every niece and nephew (9 in total) and for my own 2 children. Here is 1 of 7 nieces with her blanket.

And the best part about quilting for family? Is passing the love onto the next generation. Here is my daughter piecing a doll quilt for one of her cousins.

My son watching me piece a quilt for one of my nephews a few years ago.

Thank you to my family for letting me make you quilts. You are the reason why I quilt. I really do enjoy thinking about what to make them next - even if the list is longer than I could ever complete.  This is a picture of me with my parents, siblings and our kids, this summer.


  1. I think you quilt for the same reasons I do... love of family. The photo of your son in front of the TV, wrapped in the quilt you made for him is priceless... thank you for sharing these lovely photos and your thoughts on quilting!

  2. awww, those are some cute nieces and nephews you have there ;) sure, you can post my quilts if you like!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it.


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